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Deonte Scott – The Exchange

July 22, 2017
Wright Touch Designs LLC | Deonte Scott The Exchange

The Exchange – Deonte Scott Live as seen on Lexus Verses & Flow Saturday 16th, 2017 Hosted by JJ on the mic, Performance by Tweet. Get your tickets now

Deonte Scott, Chicago born and raised is an award winning spoken word artist and poet, who is expanding his reach across the country with his words and passion.

Deonte started writing poetry back in 1999 when he was in college. He had no idea that being alone in his dormitory with a pad and pen would turn into a greater love of writing.

Deonte’s work has since become more diversified and showcases his talent of using real life situations to weave a story. Some are personal and sometimes, he sees a situation that he is inspired to write about.

Featured Artist on TVONE’s Lexus Verses and Flow Season 4
Partnered with The Ronald McDonald House of Houston for a charity show for “Damage Control”
Former Raw Artists Houston Host (Largest Independent Artists Showcase in Houston)
Poetry Albums “The Struggle” & “Damage Control” Available via Itunes, Amazon & CD Baby
Co Hosted “The Look Hou Fashion Show” with 2013 Ms. America Chiniqua Pettaway
Freestyle Fusion with V103 ATLANTA

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