Developing Brand Identity through Color and Typography

March 7, 2017

I was running low on my favorite face wash Derma-E and immediately went to Amazon to purchase a new bottle. Instead, I found a rebranded version. Obviously, it was the same company, same face wash. Yet, subconsciously the new look just could not mean the same contents. Therefore, I searched for the old bottle and bought it. Here’s why:

Derma-E Face Wash


Brand Identity Matters. Eventually, I will buy the rebranded bottle. It’s attractive and does reflect my identity of this face wash and company. However, I had to get over the initial shock.

Why? Because brand identity is that total feeling — what I like to call the breadth of the company. It appeals to our senses: You see it, hear it, touch it or talk about it.

The process of branding is developed through strategic management, placement, awareness, and seizing every intentioned opportunity for exposure.

One component of branding is the logo. There are many aspects to consider when developing your brandmark; color, typography, shapes, and type of design. All this is driven by your target audience, purpose, and business goals.

But you know what? Let’s explore this important topic in more depth when you join my upcoming class with Columbus State University – Continuing Education: “Developing Brand Identity Through Color and Typography.” If you are a designer, business owner or just want to know more about branding, this course will prepare you to design and establish visual identities by exploring color and typography as essentials of the brand creation process.

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