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Mobile Friendly? Google is Watching

January 6, 2017

I love working on those big 27-inch screens, it makes designing a sheer pleasure; but the reality is most of our clients are viewing websites on smaller devices, not larger. As designers and developers we create and test on a panel not unlike something straight off of the Starship Enterprise. Yet, when it comes to testing and output we have to accommodate smaller device screens.

Responsive web design solves the problem of the ever-changing landscape of mobile browsing. Our viewers are using browsers that are large, small, horizontal and vertical. The solution of responsive design meets this difference without having to create different websites for each.

The bonus being that large screens are still capable of showing off the site while smaller screens benefit from a prioritized layout. By prioritized layout we are referring to how the website will be categorized on a small display and what material the user will see and in what order.

The responsive approach to web design not only takes into consideration the device display screen but also the ease of user interaction and the priority of design versus navigation. Have you ever been to a site and had to perform ‘finger flicks’ to get the screen size up just to make your selection. That is feasible but not ideal, users want to get in and out and navigate through the site as fluid as possible.

Responsive web design is taking the lead in development for mobile devices and tablets; the site becomes fluid and accommodates the demands of selecting and navigating through websites more efficiently.

On a final yet more important note, if you are not mobile friendly already – you need to be, cause Google is watching and ranking you based on your mobile friendliness.

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