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Need A Logo? An expert designer’s tips for what to expect

January 10, 2018
Wright Touch Designs | Need a logo? An expert designer’s tips for what to expect

You get what you pay for. If you ask your neighbor down the street who has some design software and is willing to do your logo for cheap, that’s exactly how your logo will look — cheap.

Or you can get a professional designer to develop you a fully vectorized logo design first, then pay once to get it right. I recommend you go with the latter. So here are quick tips to consider as you prepare to move through the logo design process:


Keep It Simple

Yes, you want something that’s different, recognizable and reflects your brand. Well, it’s not completely done in your logo design. Your logo is created in the very breadth of your company, and how you promote and manage your brand. Please understand: Less is more; and more is not better. Trust me. The simpler your logo the better it translates across all media platforms. So research leading professional companies in your industry and see what their logos look like. In case you didn’t know, the top three ranked logos in the world are…

|Wright Touch Designs LLC | Top Three Logos In The World | Apple | Coca Cola | Nike

Why? They’re simple, consistent and memorable.

Study Your Competitors

Again, do your research.  Who are your competitors? We all have them. Remember to consider how your proposed logo will fair against them, and whatever you do, don’t become a copycat. Originality in your logo counts.

Do Homework On Designers

Creative collaboration is the bread and butter of success. If you’re not effectively communicating with your designer, you can’t expect a successful product. Talk honestly with your designer. Tell them your story – your dreams. Gauge their reaction to see if you are in potential sync. Also, go to their website and portfolio to figure out if their work is in line with your tastes. Hopefully you are a referral and can speak to current and past clients about how the design firm works. If you are not a referral, go to the website, view their social media and read their testimonials, recommendations and comments on posts.


Sign Your Paperwork

Once you decide on your designer, you should receive a quote for the work intended. Within your quote look for the following:

  • Number of concepts and revisions;
  • Type of final files; and
  • Timeframe for completion and going live to the public.

After agreeing to the quote, you should receive a service contract to sign. This protects both you and the designer. Once you sign this paperwork and submit your initial payment, the design work begins.


Share Nonstop Ideas

It’s crucial to share your ideas and inspirational websites with your designer — as much detail as possible to guide them. Remember: You only have a set amount of revisions, so time is truly money.

In the set timeframe, expect to receive a proof pdf or jpeg version of your logo for review, be sure to give your feedback. This is your vision the designer should just be making it come to life.


Get The Right Files

The final files you receive from the designer are key to your continued success with your brand. You should always get more than just a JPEG. You will deal with professional vendors as you merchandise and market your brand, so you need the professional software files of your logo. Don’t panic: You may not be able to open these files on your computer, but they are necessary. A list of files you will need by the end of the project:

  • Logo vector files color/greyscale;
  • Swatch palette and font file presentation;
  • Font files;
  • Hi-res and low-res logo versions, which include vendor/print and web files; and
  • Social media icon sizes.


As you’ve read, developing your brand is a process, and the logo design is a vital first and intricate step. Keep these tips handy, and you will make the experience fun and worth the time and money.


Wright Touch Designs has made a niche partnering with starter companies and helping build and take brands to the next level. Why not jumpstart your business the right way with Wright Touch Designs today?

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