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Who’s riding with you?

January 23, 2017

“You know, most of the time it’s not the trip, but who you have riding with you.”

Growing up for a bit in South Dakota, I can remember my dad taking us on road trips. He was a big fan of the scenic route; he would turn on some jazz and head for the hills (mountains really). I can remember gazing out of the window and making my own videos to the music and the scenery that would fly by. To this day I still create those mental videos in my head on long rides.

Recently I found myself preparing for a bus trip; armed with my phone, charger and headphones I was ready to go. As we headed down the road it was not long before we were engulfed in traffic, and heavy sheets of rain.

Now I could have turned my music up and just zoned out, but there were other people on the bus, and I was trying to remain open. In no time at all a group had gathered together to complain – and everyone could hear them. I turned my music up but for hours (seemed like years) I could still hear them. Slowly my attitude started to change and I began to get anxious for our arrival.

It was not long before their conversation turned depressing as they recapped every awful current news story they could think of. I can remember the tension building in my neck and an uneasy feeling starting to overwhelm me.

Just at the moment when I thought I was going to explode, an older women sitting in front me turned around and whispered, “You know, most of the time it’s not the trip, but who you have riding with you.”

– When you find yourself braving the long road make sure you have the right folks riding with you.





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