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7 Ways To Improve Your Marketability As A Designer

So you’re a “Jack of All Trades.” That’s awesome to know, but is your skill set getting you paid — and paid what you’re worth?

In the creative field, the success and longevity of your career is also determined by how much you’re pulling in to help build your business. To ensure you’re truly capitalizing on your talents by monetizing your time and energy, double-check that you’re following these seven marketing lessons:

  1. Learn the other side of the house.

Print designers learn Web, and Web designers learn print. Now more than ever, your work will need distributing both digitally and for print, so understand both sides to better serve your client and increase your value.

2. Keep it moving.

Get some motion in your design. Video and animation are on the rise. I am not asking you to become an illustrator or animator. But there are plenty of ways to incorporate motion and movement to your material to breathe life and character into brand development.

3. Understand branding.

Branding is not just a logo design. I repeat. Branding is NOT merely a logo, but a process of how and where to position your client’s visual collateral for stronger brand awareness. You’re going for the long haul with your client; therefore, invest in them, and they will invest in you.

4. Watch the numbers.

Nothing speaks louder than the numbers. Learn analytics and use them with your print and digital projects to show your client the success of a campaign. Use these numbers to flush out their target audience and move them into the right direction for strategic branding and positioning.

5. Get emails, emails and more emails.

Email marketing is a must, so set up a funnel for your clients to collect emails. Then use those emails for marketing and advertising the brand.

6. Perfect your pitch.

I have said this before: Perfect your pitch. Listen to your client, understand the problem and become their answer. Your pitch is the perfect opportunity to solidify jobs and clients.

7. Adhere to time management.

Time is money. Become quick and detail-oriented. Learn your craft, study and research as well. All the little things count in design. Trust me.

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