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Be A Savvy Entrepreneur – Make It All Count

Over the years I have had the pleasure to partner with so many courageous entrepreneurs. It is no easy feat getting out there and vying for buy-in from patrons, investors, and sponsors. In this struggle if you are not ready for a full service branding and marketing company to step in and give you a hand, (shameless plug for Wright Touch Designs) then here are a few take- a-ways for you when planning your next event:

Create a landing page. If you are just starting out you may not be ready to go all in for a multi-page website; a one pager is the trend and plenty of space for a flyer to advertise for your event. Plus your own website and personalized URL showcases your professionalism and commitment to branding yourself.

Remember if you don’t want to spend money on your project, why should someone else.

Drive traffic to your site. When you are planning an event and selling tickets don’t just send users to the third party site to buy tickets. Create a landing page with your flyer and funnel the traffic to your website first.

Get the numbers. While the users are on your landing page get the numbers! Use Google Analytics, which is a free service, set it up on your page with a unique URL and watch your traffic. The reports from the analytics is also good to showcase to potential sponsors and investors.

Video and Testimonials. Get someone to take footage of your event. Pictures are great but a video would capture so much more, not to mention add another level of interactivity to your website.

Lastly, get users to visit your event page and add their comments. This gives you reviews and additional traffic to your website.

Wright Touch Designs has made a niche partnering with starter companies and helping build their brands from the ground up.

It is such a thrill to see a budding brand evolve into a rose.

Be encouraged and keep doing your thing…if you ever need us, Wright Touch Designs is here!

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